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  • Considerations when choosing small squishy animal toys

      When buying small squishy animal toys, the first thing to consider is safety, so as not to affect the health of children. What are the considerations when choosing? Let's learn more about it.   1, look at the packaging:...

  • Correct method of cleaning fruit squishy slow rising toys

      Fruit squishy slow rising toys are children's childhood good companions, bring infinite joy to children. But toys used for a long time, the surface may contain a lot of dust and germs, these dust and germs are not good for ...

  • Jumbo soft decoration squishy toy suitable for whom to play?

      Jumbo soft decoration squishy toy is a new type of high grade toys, safe to use, non-toxic, smooth surface, cute shape, bright color. Soft and easy to handle. When squeezed, it will bounce back soon. Suitable for gifting, colle...

  • How to choose the right fruit squishy slow rising toy?

      A suitable toy can not only let children have fun, but also enable children to grow up in the process of playing, intellectual development and enlightenment education, so as to play the purpose of entertaining. But many parents...

  • Manufacturing and processing technology of animal squishy toys

      Animal squishy toy is an application of slow-rebound polyurethane soft foam. According to different ingredients and ratios of raw materials, various toys with rebound effect can be produced.   The toy is soft to the touch,...

  • What kind of toy is kawaii animal squishy toy?

      Recently, kawaii animal squishy toy are deeply loved by many adults and children. How is a small toy on the palm popular with people? What kind of toy is this?   When you pinch it in your hand and hold it tightly with your...

  • What are the functions of fruit squishy slow rising toys?

      There are many types of toys on the market now, and parents need to choose suitable toys from them. Many parents need to consider not only the safety of toys, but also the educational function of toys when choosing. Fruit s...

  • How to judge the quality of bread loaf squishy toys?

      How to judge the quality of bread loaf squishy toys? This is a problem with many friends.    1. Manufacturing process   There are two manufacturing processes for bread loaf squishy toys: cutting and mold injection.   Cu...