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  • Is the price of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy expensive?

      With the continuous development of science and technology, the toy industry is also constantly innovating and improving. Croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy s, as one of the emerging toy products in recent years, have been lov...

  • What are the uses of cake squishy toys?

      What are the uses of squishy cake toys? The squishy cake toys is a very popular toy at home and abroad. No matter what age you are, when you encounter pressure in life, you can knead the toy at will, which can let you ve...

  • Which company makes Squishy Cakes better?

       Squishy Cakes is a toy loved by children and adults. When buying this toy, the quality of the product is very important. At present, there are many manufacturers around the world. Which company produces better?   Milu...

  • Are Fruit Squishies Toys Poisonous?

      Toys are an indispensable good companion during the child's growth. At present, there are many types of toys. For parents, how to choose a high-value, safe, non-toxic and interesting toy is very important.   Fruit...

  • How Could I Get Your Pricelist?

    Q: How Could I Get Your Pricelist? A: Please tell us the product's name (with its Item number) and quantity you are interested in, then we will offer the corresponding price information by e-mail.

  • What’s the Process Flow of Squishy Foam Toys?

    Q: What’s the process flow of squishy foam toys? A: Generally, there are five steps, that are forming, trimming and patching, painting, printing, and stickers. 1. Product molding: The total output is related to the number...

  • How Can You Ensure Your Squishy Toys Safety?

    Q: How can you ensure your Squishy Toys safety? A: Our squishy foam toys are safe, non-toxic and harmless, and can be tested by various international standards, such as EN71 test, phthalate test, toxicology test, etc. ...

  • What’s the Packaging of Squishy Toys?

    Q: What’s the packaging of squishy toys? A: The master carton we used is standard export carton, its material is A = B, the inner and outer layers are 250g, having reinforced corrugated core that weights 200g. The master cart...