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Is the price of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy expensive?

Time:2023-07-28 Author:

  With the continuous development of science and technology, the toy industry is also constantly innovating and improving. Croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy s, as one of the emerging toy products in recent years, have been loved by more and more consumers. However, the question that follows is: Is it expensive? This article will discuss its price, analyze whether its price is reasonable from different angles, and help readers understand its value.

  1, croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy characteristics:

  Croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy is a kind of slow rebound toy made of PU material, its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  Slow resilience: It has excellent slow resilience, when squeezed or deformed, can be restored to the original state for a long time, giving people a pleasant feeling.

  Soft touch: PU material has good softness, so the toys made of it feel soft and comfortable, very suitable for playing and kneading.

  Safety and environmental protection: PU material is an environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and harmless, harmless to the human body and the environment, so PU slow rebound toy is a safe toy product.

  Strong plasticity: PU material has good plasticity and can make toys of various shapes, enriching children's play choices.

Is the price of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy expensive?

  2. Price factors of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toys:

  The price of the toy is affected by a variety of factors, mainly from the following aspects to analyze:

  Material cost: PU material is relatively expensive, and the production of toys requires a large amount of PU material, so the material cost is an important factor affecting its price.

  Production process: Its production process is relatively complex and needs to be completed through multiple processes, including mold making, injection molding, post-processing, etc., which will increase production costs, thus affecting the price of toys.

  Brand impact: Some well-known toy brands often launch toys at higher prices, mainly because of the premium effect brought by brand awareness, as well as the high quality and service that the brand represents.

  Market supply and demand relationship: Market supply and demand relationship is one of the important factors affecting commodity prices. If the supply of it in the market is sufficient, the demand is less, the price will naturally be relatively low; On the other hand, if the supply is insufficient and the demand is high, the price may rise accordingly.

croissant bakery squishy PU foam toy

  3. is the price of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toys expensive?

  For whether the price is expensive, we can analyze it from different angles:

  Relative to ordinary toys: Compared to traditional plastic toys, it may indeed cost a little more. This is mainly because of the high cost of PU materials and production processes, and the slow resilience is also a feature that ordinary plastic toys do not have, so its price will be increased.

  To match value:

  From the function and characteristics of the toy, its price is relatively reasonable. It has a unique slow resilience, can give people a better touch and experience, but also more safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, if consumers value these characteristics and are willing to pay a certain price for the experience, then it is reasonably priced.

  In summary, the price of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toys is relatively high, but from the point of view of its material, characteristics and functions, this is understandable. For consumers, whether they think the price of PU slow rebound toys is expensive mainly depends on personal consumption concepts and needs. If you value the characteristics of croissant bakery squishy PU foam toys, and are willing to pay a certain price for a better play experience, then the price of this toy is reasonable. Ultimately, the choice to buy croissant bakery squishy PU foam toys depends on personal preferences and economic affordability.