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Squishy Bread Toy
  • Squishy Bread Toy
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    Squishy Bread Toy

    Category: Bread Squishies
    Place of Origin: China
Product details

Product details

Name: Croissant squishy bread toy

Category: Bread squishies

Size: 18*13.5*5cm

Material: Slow rising pu foam

Product features

1. The original colors and vivid forms make the bread squishies looked like the real food, it can be used as the display samples placing in bakery and dessert shop.

2. Bread squishies can be casually squeezed and press, it is very wearable that able to be long time used.

3. Bread squishy is super soft and slow rising more than 10 seconds, it helps train muscles of the hand and has stress relief function,that is a small useful exercise tool.

4. Bread squishy is the best gift to kids/friends/staffs/collectors.

Product warnings

1. Food model squishy toys like bread squishy are inedible, please keep out of the kids(under 3 years old).

2. Bread squishies made of PU foam will be deformed in heating, please keep them away from place in high temperature.

3. Please don't put heavy items on squishy toy when stock it.