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Squishy Bread Doll
  • Squishy Bread Doll
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    Squishy Bread Doll

    Category: Toys Squishies
    Place of Origin: China
Product details

Product details

Name: Squishy bread doll

Category: Toy squishies

Size: 14.5*12*8cm

Material:Slow rising pu foam

Product features

1. Toy squishies have a variety of shapes, smooth surface, bright colors, is very good decorations and advertising promotional gifts.

2. Toy squishy has vivid appearance, soft touch, small size and light weight. It is suitable as a toy for children.

3. Toy squishies have special feel, can be repeatedly squeezed and not easily broken, and are good stress releasing toys on the hand.

4. Toy squishies are applicable to company promotional activities, product promotions, all kinds of exhibitions, can also be printed with complex patterns, text and LOGO.