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What equipment is needed to produce fruit squishy slow rising toys?

Time:2022-03-29 Author:

  Fruit squishy slow rising toy is a new type of toy, because it is safe to use, rich in shape, bright in color, and soft to the touch. But do you know what equipment is needed to produce the toy?

  Fruit squishy slow rising toys are produced using slow-rebound polyurethane foam raw materials. Since this material has less reaction pressure to the outside world than high rebound, with the increase of external pressure, its reaction force to the outside world does not increase significantly. After the external force is removed, it rebounds to its original state at a certain rate without any residual deformation. In addition, it is soft and comfortable to handle, so it is very suitable for the production of toys.

What equipment is needed to produce fruit squishy slow rising toys?

  The production of this toy needs to have these equipment and materials: PU foaming machine, mold, production line, PU slow rebound raw material, release agent, color paste, flavor and so on.

  The specific production process: designing drawings, making molds according to the drawings, spraying release agent in the mold, pouring, shaking the mold, high-temperature foaming of materials, taking products, trimming the front, spraying products, printing LOGO and patterns, packaging , Packing and shipping.

  PU foaming machine is an important equipment for the production of this toy. The equipment has several characteristics:

  1. The fuselage, rack, and barrel are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and not easy to damage. The barrel has the function of automatic heating and heat preservation.

  2. It is controlled by a variable frequency speed regulation motor or a servo motor, and is equipped with a high-precision wear-resistant gear pump, which can realize continuous feeding and ensure the accuracy of the ratio.

What equipment is needed to produce fruit squishy slow rising toys?

  3. Using PLC programming control, screen touch screen operation, simple operation, and with parameter locking function, to avoid random changes of parameters during processing, to ensure the quality of the produced toys.

  4. Use ball valve type high-speed dynamic mixing glue gun, with automatic cleaning function, easy maintenance.

  Fruit squishy slow rising toys are a good partner for you to vent your emotions.It can't be crushed, crushed, or smashed, and when you've finished venting, it can return to its original state intact.