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How to judge the quality of bread loaf squishy toys?

Time:2022-05-31 Author:

  How to judge the quality of bread loaf squishy toys? This is a problem with many friends.

  1. Manufacturing process

  There are two manufacturing processes for bread loaf squishy toys: cutting and mold injection.

  Cutting is actually the use of finished slow-rebound sponges, which can be cut into various shapes as needed. The production is simple, large-scale equipment is not required, and the cost is relatively low, but the toy that is cut and formed has a relatively short service life.

  Molding needs to be made by using a mold through a series of processes such as foaming and vacuuming. Compared with cutting, its production process and process are much more complicated, and the production cycle is often longer. better and lasts longer.

How to judge the quality of bread loaf squishy toys?

  2. The density

  Density is the basic index of high-grade slow-rebound materials. Generally, the density is required to be more than 100. Under normal circumstances, most toys can reach this index, but the quality of toys with the same density will vary greatly. This is mainly due to the difference in formulation and process with raw materials.

  The density of high-grade materials is relatively high, and the density can be distinguished according to the size and weight. Usually, good-quality materials have a certain amount of weight. However, high-grade materials are not necessarily high-end materials. In the case of the same size, High-density toys are heavier.

  3. Rebound time

  Many friends think that the longer the rebound time of the toy, the better. In fact, these three misunderstandings in purchasing, the better rebound time is usually 3-5 seconds. If the rebound time is too short, then It means that it does not have the effect of slow rebound, but if it takes too long to rebound, it will not be able to play a good supporting role.

bread loaf squishy toys?

  4. Hand feel and temperature

  Good quality toys feel very comfortable, it feels like kneading dough, if the quality of the toy is relatively poor, it will be a little stiff and dry, and some toys are made of better materials, and even feel a little warm to the touch , it will become soft and hard with the change of temperature, and you can have fingerprints when you squeeze the toy hard.

  It is recommended that everyone buy high-quality bread loaf squishy toys, especially for young children, they should choose safe and reliable toys.