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Manufacturing and processing technology of animal squishy toys

Time:2022-11-01 Author:

  Animal squishy toy is an application of slow-rebound polyurethane soft foam. According to different ingredients and ratios of raw materials, various toys with rebound effect can be produced.

  The toy is soft to the touch, not afraid of falling or pinching, pleasing, and suitable for children to play. It is a very good gift toy for preschool education.

  It can simulate small animals and cartoon images, has high authenticity, and can be used as a sketch game prop for classroom teaching performance, playing and throwing with each other, without fear of injury. Its advantages are safety and flexibility.

Manufacturing and processing technology of animal squishy toys

  Here's a detailed introduction to the manufacturing process of the toy:

  There are two manufacturing techniques for this toy: cutting and molding.

  Cutting is the bought finished product slow-rebound sponge, which is cut into the shape of pillow core. Because the forming depends on cutting instead of mold shell plus modifier, and no other modifier is added, even the density of pure polyurethane material can only guarantee 40~70 density.

  Molding is made by mold shell according to a series of technological processes such as polyurethane foaming and vacuum packaging, which is complicated. The density is increased to 70~100, the touch is good, and the service life is related to this.

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