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Playing PU Squishy Toys Promote Baby's Brain Development

Time:2015-07-15 Author:

According to the research, babies love toys and learn a lot from simple toys. The toys help them aware of the surrounding more and more. Baby toys are of a vast types, such as cartoon animal squishy toy, plush toys, wood toys which differ from materials, they are only cute or adorable to adults, however, make a big difference to babies and toddlers alike.

cartoon animal squishy toy

The first three years are very essential to a baby's brain development. Babies have basic needs such as for tactile response, vision, hand-eye coordination etc. To build their concentration and help them focus on activities, the playtime is such a good chance to make their brain oriented in the right direction.

Educational toys used during playtime can promote the development of kid's natural imagination and creativity. For example, those fruit squishy toys or squishy rubber animal toys help kids to know the fruits and animals, also promote them to identify the differences between species.

A more open ended playing environment is important, and open-ended toys challenge the child's imagination, which makes toddlers socially active, with a healthy mental aptitude.