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How Do Companies Design Squishy Toys?

Time:2015-07-06 Author:

It will give you quite a lot room for flexibility if you choose squishy toys, like the squishy cake toy as your promotional gift. The squishy toys with attractive design can not only be a practical and appealing toy to intented customers, but convey an unique company image at the same time. There are plenty of companies using the squishy toys, but how they design their squishy foam toys?

The design ideas such as color and shape of squishy foam toys come from the targeted customers, the major groups consist of young people, white collar employees, ladies, men and people in outdoor careers.

Another main determiner may be your business. Companies involved in the home industry may have balls designed relating to lines, health companies and hospitality companies will also design their personalized stress balls in types standing for the industry. For sports industries or which looking for designs to match outdoor characters, sports balls come in handy.