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Fruit squishy slow rising play a big role

Time:2018-06-19 Author:

Fruit squishy are a new type of high-grade toys that are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and have no danger.

The product feels soft, is not afraid of falling, is not afraid to pinch, cute and lovely, a variety of fruits, suitable for play, is a good gift for preschool education, toys. Also suitable for venting adults, reduce stress.

             fruit squishy slow rising

Features of fruit squishy :


The simulated fruit-heavy fruit squishy can be used as a teaching, performance, and sketching prop.

2.children's toys

Children play with each other, throwing, not afraid of hurting people, the benefits are safe and resilient. decompression

Fruit squishy usually placed on the desktop, fashion looks naughty, as if back to childhood. When you are in a bad mood,fruit squishy slow rising let your child vent, without fear of hurting people.

4.elderly fitness tools

Freely squeezed,fruit squishy slow rising in the unknowing self-entertainment, fully exercised hands, and the right hand and the brain connected to the hemisphere, indirect exercise of the brain, over time, can prevent Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular and other diseases.