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The characteristics of the squishy bread toy

Time:2018-07-10 Author:

In daily life, in addition to paying attention to your physical health and eating habits, you can't ignore mental health. Stress is intangible and spiritual. If you can't adjust your mental pressure in time, it will also cause great disaster. Therefore, after you work, you can buy several models squishy bread toy to reduce the pressure.


Features of the squishy bread toy:

First, imitation of various types of bread, such as donuts, toast, burgers, puddings, chocolate cakes, hot dogs, rice balls and other types of bread, lifelike, cute feeling.

squishy bread toy          


Second, squishy bread toy is very soft, slowly rebound after pinching, very suitable for decompression.

Third, the use of environmentally friendly plastic materials, absolutely assured materials.

Squishy bread toy,the cute shape, empathy and venting function can alleviate the stress in people's daily work and life.