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What is the material of thesquishy foam toys ? Is it washable?

Time:2023-05-09 Author:

  squishy foam toys have become a new favorite among young people and children in recent years. It is soft, cute, fun and relaxing, which has become a brand new toy experience. The toy not only meets the psychological needs of young people and children, but also has a certain health care function, can reduce pressure, relax body and mind, improve mood and so on. So, what exactly is the toy made of? Can it be washed in water?

  For many people, the material and cleanliness of the toy is still a relatively important issue, which is also a concern of many consumers.

What is the material of thesquishy foam toys ? Is it washable?

  The material of the toy

  First of all, slow rebound materials are introduced. Slow rebound is a kind of polymer base material and one of the chronic foam materials. It has very good soft performance, can change into various shapes with the pressure of the body, thus improving the fun and comfort of the toy.

  Slow rebound materials are made of polyurethane materials and crosslinking agents and other raw materials mixed in a certain proportion. Commonly used polyurethane materials are TDI (2, 4-diisocyanate), MDI (4,4' -diphenylmethanate) and PPDI (1, 4-phenyl diisocyanate), etc. These materials belong to chemical substances. Of course, in the process of use, also need to add appropriate amount of flame retardant, stabilizer, pigment and other components, in order to achieve better physical performance and appearance.

  It can be seen that although the toy is not made of pure natural materials, it is not made of completely harmful substances, and there is no obvious harm. However, if buying the toy, it is recommended to choose a better quality product and avoid excessive use of chemical additives.

  Can the toy be washed in water?

  Many consumers are interested in the cleanliness of the toy, which is also a very important issue. Can the toy be washed in water?

  The first thing to be clear is that not all of the toys are washable. Because in the production process of the toy, it is likely to add some chemical substances, if the water quality is not good or heated too hot, then the chemical substances may be released, which may cause harm to the human body.

  Therefore, when buying the toy, it is recommended to know the specific washing instructions of the relevant product, as well as the material composition of the product, in order to judge whether it supports washing.

  If the toy supports water washing, there are many details that need to be taken care of during the cleaning process. First, choose a mild detergent, and use warm water to clean, try to avoid using hot water too hot.

squishy foam toys

  In addition, in the cleaning process do not excessive friction, so as not to cause damage to the toy surface. After cleaning, dry the toys to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

  Overall, squishy foam toys are made of relatively safe materials and can be cleaned if the product supports water washing. When buying and using the toy, you should try to choose good quality products and understand the relevant product details and washing information, so as to better protect your health and enjoy the relaxation and pleasure brought by the toy.