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Why Are Squishy Foam Toys Better Than Plastic Toys?

Time:2014-10-27 Author:

Squishy foam toys come in lots of forms, such as slice of cake squishy, bread loaf squishy toy, PU foam animal squishy, fruits stress toy and plenty of more. They don't move, don't talk, don't require batteries, but in more ways than one, classic toys fashioned from good PU are better than toys made from plastic or metal.

slice of cake squishy

1. They are safe.

Toys made of plastic, metal, and even synthetic fabrics can pose unseen dangers to your children. A number of these mass-produced plastic toys are made of separate little components that, more often than not, can be easily yanked off and be potential choking hazards for little children. A lot of them also make a large amount of noise, which can produce high levels of noise as well as expose the ear to hearing damage. On the other hand, jumbo soft decoration squishy toys are noise-free and, when made perfectly, are free from lead, mercury, as well as other toxic materials found in metal or plastic toys.

2. They encourage imagination.

Unfortunately, battery-operated toys are much like TV, the movies, video games, and the Internet. They entertain the children for a little while then afterwards they come to be boring. Why is not surprising to see a heap of toys left un-played with in one corner of your child's room? With squishy foam toys, kids visualize. They imagine. When they play with PU kitchen sets, they see they are cooking real food because of their toys. When they ride a PU horse rocker, they feel as though they are real cowboys galloping for a real horse.

3. They are more durable and easier to maintain.

Haven't you noticed how flimsy plastic toys can be? A little joshing around and you will notice that a few pieces are already missing from the main structure of the toy. Jumbo soft decoration squishy toys, well, because these are made from PU, are more hard-wearing than any plastic toy you are able to find anywhere. Thus, they also last longer, which means they are cost-effective and better for your budget. And because they have lesser parts than most battery-operated toys, they don't break down easily and it is easier for kids to put them away properly.

4. They are naturally educational.

Battery-operated toys often leave the hands of your children to sing, dance, fly, or whatever its manufacture intended it to do. Squishy foam toys, on the other hand, continue to be where they are and children have to touch them, pick them up, and hold them for them to have the ability to play with their toys. Touching and feeling are two methods by which children study. They naturally involve themselves with the toys because they engage the senses for long, unlike with battery-operated toys that often become dull and uninteresting after the first few times they take a flight or speak out their programmed lines.

5. They are beautiful.

Admit it. Toys made from PU have a warm and welcoming aesthetic appeal that no toy made from plastic, metal,or any other synthetic material can ever give off.