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Different Uses of Squishy Foam Toys

Time:2014-10-21 Author:

The PU foam balls are becoming very popular as they are in use extensively to improve the looks of homes and offices. Such PU foam balls come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are extremely lightweight and kids use them as a toy. Such squishy animal stress balls are also helpful as stress relieving balls for adults. They are quite easy to carry and to place them on any surface you want.

squishy animal stress ball

Uses of Squishy foam toys

Office: Actually, lots of offices keep such PU foam balls made of foam everywhere, so that staff members could just pick them up from any corner. When workers feel stressed up all they have to do is to squeeze the balls to feel lighter. Even practitioners and doctors recommend using such PU foam balls to relieve stress . Companies could also print their logos on them so that they serve dual-purpose of relieving stress and displaying the company logo.

Promotion: Such squishy rubber animal toys are powerful promotional items. The companies print particular messages or marketing lines on the balls and send them to their clients or customers. This keeps reminding them of the company. Therefore, the PU foam balls are good advertising as well.

Schools: Schools particularly kindergartens and pre-primary schools could keep many such balls and teach the kids colors, numbers and alphabets. Even though you print each ball with a number then, pass it around; it becomes simple for the children to remember the numbers and their pronunciation. You can the same with the alphabets and colors. It is an excellent method of teaching children.

Multiple usages: Balls made from foam come in a variety of colors. You can also use them as objects for interior decoration. You could place them in any corner of your living room to make it colorful and lively. The PU foam balls could serve as stuffed toys, as they are harmless. You could give your child a rubber squishy animal and he or she will be very delighted for the day. A few of them have dual colors paint and look attractive.

Advantages of squishy foam toys

An advantage of squishy foam toys is that they don't get dirty fast and therefore their life is long. You could even wash them and they look as good as new. Therefore, there's no maintenance required as such if you keep them at home. There are some manufacturers selling PU foam balls. You could even surf the net to find out the several players in the market. If you place bulk order then you're likely to get a good discount on them. They aren't so expensive and you can transform them to suit your liking.

You even get a bread doll squishy in cartoon faces and attractive prints that are perfect for a kid's room. Give the PU foam balls as a gift to a kid on his or her birthday. When there are a few kids coming home, just release a basket of squishy animal stress balls and see them having a good time.