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What's the Purpose for Play Stress Ball?

Time:2014-05-27 Author:

Sitting in the office for a long time is not good for your health, the workplace stress you are subjected mentally harm you. You're often not able to leave and take a walk or engage in calisthenics in small work areas. The purpose of a stress ball is to allow you to be physically active while sitting. It is a simple method of decompression.

animal squishy slow rising ball


A stress ball is an effective stress reliever since all physical activity relieves stress. Squeezing a stress ball focuses your mind on something besides your worries. The squeezing increases your heart rate and circulation. Increased circulation to your brain helps you think better and become more productive.


There are many types of stress balls and they aren't always round. They're often used for a promotional purpose and imprinted with the name of a business or cause. A stress ball is great for advertising since it's often handled and viewed by its owner or others. You can order stress balls made in any shape or design. They're usually made from foam rubber, but some are made from gels or thin, powder-filled rubber membranes.


Use a stress ball for progressive muscular relaxation. Inhale as you squeeze the stress ball and exhale as you release it. Repeat a few times and notice how tension is released physically and mentally. Stress balls can help prevent or relieve carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury. They also help relieve the pain of arthritis.


Squeezing a stress ball can create a feeling of well being. It stimulates the nerves in your hand, which carry signals to your brain. This causes your brain to produce endorphins that make you feel good since they're natural pain relievers. A stress ball is great for enhancing mental and physical health.


Play games with your stress ball. Playing catch with yourself or others in the office is okay since the soft foam rubber should deflect easily off of people or objects without causing harm. It's also an effective wake-up call for someone who may be falling asleep in their cubicle.