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Stress Toys Help to Build Your Business

Time:2012-07-03 Author:

There are many ways in which you can use promotional items like stress toys to build your business-check out some of these basic ideas and decide if they'd be appropriate for you. With a basic theme in mind, you can embellish your ideas in ways that are unique to your business, to make your products and your company more memorable.

squishy animal balls

1.Give stress toys to employees, particularly those in stressful positions, jobs that involve highly repetitive manual tasks, or for people who work in office environments all day.

2.Give stress toys to business associates and clients as an informal gift, rather than a more conventional similarly-priced gift such as a mug or key ring.

3.Use stress toys as purchase incentives for retail or online customers-offer a free stress toy with purchases over a certain total, or when customers buy a certain item.

4.Distribute stress toys to attendees at trade fairs and exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other business events. Fun, colorful and portable, stress toys are ideal give-aways for trade fairs.