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The production process of cake squishy toys

Time:2020-10-23 Author:

The production process of cake squishy toys

  Cake squishy toys is an application of pu foam. According to the different formulations and proportions of the raw materials, toys of various shapes can be produced. What is its production process?

  Cake squishy toys are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The product feels soft, not afraid of falling, not afraid of squeezing, rebounding cute, suitable for fun, it is a good preschool gift toy.

  Nowadays, the production process of cake squishy toys is basically realized by machinery, equipped with automated production lines, and the output has been greatly improved. There are mainly the following process steps:

  1. Design product drawings and make molds according to the drawings.

  2. Purchase production equipment. Because cake squishy toys have relatively high requirements for equipment, if the equipment fails to meet the requirements, the defective rate of the products will be very high, resulting in a substantial increase in costs.

  3. If the production scale is large, it is necessary to purchase supporting production lines. If your scale is not large, or the efficiency requirements are not high, you can also avoid the use of assembly lines to save costs.

  4. Debug the glue material to achieve the rebound effect, and modulate the color of the toy to meet the requirements.

  5. Proofing and trial production, appearance finishing, make the product neat and beautiful.

  Of course, this is only an approximate process for producing cake squishy toys.