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4 Reasons To Put Promotional Gifts In Your Marketing Budget

Time:2013-01-15 Author:

You know how valuable business gifts are an excellent way to secure dealer loyalty. If you sell your product through a network of distributors, promotional gifts are a great way to cement your relationship with your distributors and make sure that your company gets preferential billing when it's time to make a sale.

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1. A gift to loyal customers is a great way to retain the customers that you already have. Make a point of acknowledging your return customers, and reminding them that you exist with promotional gifts.

2. Whether you use them in an employee incentive program or hand them out at a public event, you'll be increasing your company's exposure to the world.

3. Increase your company's visibility. The little promotional gifts go a long, long way in ROI. A desk calendar with your company's name on it will put your name and number where it will be seen every day. Your name on the handy sticky note dispenser will remind them of your company whenever they see it.

4. Special events are more memorable when you include a takeaway promotional gift like a reusable canvas conference sack. Every time your gift is used, it will increase the good will that you've invested in.