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Considerations when choosing small squishy animal toys

Time:2023-03-17 Author:

  When buying small squishy animal toys, the first thing to consider is safety, so as not to affect the health of children. What are the considerations when choosing? Let's learn more about it.

Considerations when choosing small squishy animal toys

  1, look at the packaging: there are a lot of pirated toys on the market, remember that legitimate toys are well packaged, both sealing and printing should be impeccable. If you encounter the packaging above the pattern text is a blur, that nine times out of ten is pirated.

  2, online shopping: Through the Internet, you can buy satisfactory toys at home, but because many sellers provide the same picture, some people will compare the price. The price of the original version and the legitimate version will not be too cheap. Since ancient times, there is a saying that a penny is a penny. It is not recommended to buy toys with very low prices.

  3, carefully look at the trademark, the formal product will have the trademark, the trademark will detail the manufacturer, the production address, the manufacturer's phone number. Some even have security stickers.

  4, see whether there is a certification label and certificate: many countries for electric toys, ejection toys, doll toys, plastic toys, metal toys and other toys require manufacturers to provide certification labels.

small squishy animal toys

  In order to children's health and safety, when buying small squishy animal toys, should pay attention to the above points.