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Four Suitable Toys for Babies in Different Ages

Time:2015-09-18 Author:

1.Small squishy animal toys with bright colors and different shapes greatly draw babies' attentions. When they are playing toys, the baby's hand muscles can get a good workout. Babies more than 3 years old are the right ages to play.

2.The toy of stringing beads requires babies to string through the holes one by one on a rope. Playing this toy will help babies well eye-hand co-operated and focus their attentions. Babies of 2 years old are the properly group to play.

3.The blocks of inlaid boxes can let your baby be aware of different shapes. Babies need to align the notch, and correctly put into the parts. This toy is especially suitable for baby of 1 - 2 years old to play with.

4.The plasticine is a soft modeling material to make various shapes that can be played especially by children. Babies are rubbing, kneading, squeezing and pressing it to make their favorite things. This is an indispensable toy for babies to exercise their little fingers and almost all babies like it. 1 year old babies can play this toy.