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How to Make or Buy Safe Toys?

Time:2018-05-10 Author:

Toys played a very important role in everyone’s childhood, they accompanied kids to experience crying and laughing in life, leaving a lot of unforgettable memories. But the precious experience have to be build on one thing, that is safe, a safe toy is very important for kids.

How to identify a quality squishy birthday cake? Many parents have asked. We discuss this from the opposite perspective, which toys are not safe for kids?

squishy cake toy

Toy color

Vivis color always is able to attract kids' attentions more, in order to get more appealing colors, some China squishy birthday cake manufacturers apply a large amount of colorant in the plastic toy production. Actually, about 80% of plastic products on market are colored. Those inorganic colorants are the issue, because parts of them contain toxic heavy metals, such as the mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, etc., having significant biological toxicity. Therefore, the brighter the toy color is, meaning the greater possibility of security problems has.

Toy material

Which toy material is assured? It has been one of the most discussed toy safe issues. Plastic toys in general might contain toxic ingredients, particularly some toys made of poor-quality, recycled plastic which can be processed from waste materials, such as waste recycling materials and even medical infusion needles. In addition, the environmental sanitation in the production process is worrying, a large number of toxic pathogens bacteria can be brought from the extremely unsanitary plastic products. One standard of buying good toys is that not to choose the too low priced toys.

Toy size

Too small toys are not safe for babies. Kids are born with strong curiosity, putting everything into their mouth, so the small toys are likely to be eaten by them. Once toys were accidentally inhaled into the trachea or esophagus, it will cause great danger to the child. So be sure to avoid children playing toys or parts that are too small, especially for whom under 3 years of age. Buying or making toys the appropriate size is the second standard, and our squishy bread jumbo are safe for kids to play.