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Jumbo soft decoration squishy toy suitable for whom to play?

Time:2023-01-13 Author:

  Jumbo soft decoration squishy toy is a new type of high grade toys, safe to use, non-toxic, smooth surface, cute shape, bright color. Soft and easy to handle. When squeezed, it will bounce back soon. Suitable for gifting, collection, decoration and gift promotion. So who is this toy for?

  The toy is made of slow rebound polyurethane foam. This material has much less reaction pressure to the outside world than high rebound, so it feels better and more soft and comfortable. With the increase of external pressure, its reaction force to the outside world does not increase significantly. When the external force is withdrawn, it bounces back to the original state at a certain rate without residual deformation.

Jumbo soft decoration squishy toy suitable for whom to play?

  The toy is an excellent "vent" object. It cannot be pinched, crushed or beaten. And when you've vented it, and the anger's gone, it's back intact.

  The toy has the following uses

  1. Props: bouncy animals with high degree of imitation and simulated food can be used as sketching props for teaching performances.

  2, children's toys: play with each other throwing, not afraid of injury damage is safe, with elastic.

  3, adult vent tools: usually placed on the desktop, fashion naughty, as if back to childhood, in a bad mood when the beat, Ren Jun vent, without too worry about damage to hurt people

  4. Fitness tools for the elderly: in leisure time, the elderly can put Pu products as toys in the palm, free extrusion, in the imperceptible entertainment to fully exercise the hand, and the right hand and the left hemisphere of the brain connected, indirectly exercise the brain, over time can prevent dementia and cardiovascular diseases.

  So you want to know how the toy is made? The following Xiaobian is a brief introduction to its production process.

squishy toy

  Specific production process: ① design drawings ② making mold ③ mold spray release agent ④ pouring ⑤ shaking mold ⑥ high temperature foaming ⑦ take products eight trim tip ⑨ product spray ⑩ packaging and shipping.

  Our company produces a variety of jumbo soft decoration squishy toys, and can be customized according to customer needs of various specifications. If you are interested in purchasing this toy, you can contact us.