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Squishy cake toy cleaning method

Time:2018-05-23 Author:

If it is easy to produce bacteria for a long time, it is harmful to health,and it is necessary to keep the squishy cake toy clean for health.

Squishy cake toy cleaning method:

1. The easiest way to clean the squishy cake toy is to try using toothpaste toclean it without damaging the surface of the toy or the material.

2. Use soft sponge or clean dry cloth to wipe the surface with the dilutedneutral detergent, then wipe it with clean water.

3. Air dry after cleaning.

The squishy cake toy is widely used in holiday gifts, shopping, sports, toys,etc. When you are upset and stressed, the squishy cake toy can help you torelieve stress and recover.

Squishy cake toy