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What Make a Toy Turning Into a Good Toy?

Time:2012-02-20 Author:

There are several factors that make a toy a "Good Toy". The most important factor is that the toy must be safe. The previous section listed some materials to avoid. This section lists some characteristics that make a toy a "Good Toy".

Squishy cake jumbo

Colorful - Parrots can see colors.

Chewable - This will help keep their beak trim.

Different Textures - Parrots "feel" with their beaks and can distinguish different textures.

Appropriate Size - Buying or making your toys the appropriate size is a key consideration.

Mentally Challenging - The toys should be mentally challenging such as Treats inside Toys.

Quick Links - Also called "C clips" or "C clamps". They have a screw fastener and are shaped like a "C"

Moving Parts - Parrots love a lot of moving part and swinging parts.

Makes Noise - Parrots love bells and musical toys.

Puzzles - Some "puzzles" are simple (lid on a box) and some are very complex.