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How to Get a Big Discount Buying Stress Balls?

Time:2012-07-25 Author:

Companies that specialise in promotional stress balls such as the popular sports themed stress toys mentioned in this article deal directly with the Far East manufacturers. These sports shaped stress balls will often be shipped directly from the factory to you. Most suppliers purchase through an importer wholesaler. They will need to put their markup on which is often quite a lot! Purchasing from a company that deals direct with the factory will save you a lot of money.

squishy rubber animal toys

Finding a supplier that specialises in logo printed stress relievers is important. It needs to be a major part of their business. If a supplier purchases thousands of stress relievers every week from their factory, they receive higher discounts which they will often pass on to you the end user. Look for websites that are dedicated to these very popular products. This shows that they do not just dabble in stress toys but actually pro-actively promote them on a stressball website. Check it out for yourself! 9 times out of 10, the one stop shop promotional gifts suppliers will be a lot more expensive because they do not have a relationship with any manufacturers and they do not sell product to receive discounts either.