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  • The long bread squishy characteristics and uses

    The long bread squishy is formed by the foaming of green non-toxic and environmentally-friendly pu polyurethane material. The slow-rebound toys are popular among children, teenagers and even adults in Southeast Asia, such a...

  • The characteristics of the squishy bread toy

    In daily life, in addition to paying attention to your physical health and eating habits, you can't ignore mental health. Stress is intangible and spiritual. If you can't adjust your mental pressure in time, it will a...

  • Fruit squishy slow rising play a big role

    Fruit squishy are a new type of high-grade toys that are safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and have no danger. The product feels soft, is not afraid of falling, is not afraid to pinch, cute and lovely, a variet...

  • Squishy cake toy cleaning method

    If it is easy to produce bacteria for a long time, it is harmful to health,and it is necessary to keep the squishy cake toy clean for health. Squishy cake toy cleaning method: 1. The easiest way to clean the squishy cake...

  • How to Make or Buy Safe Toys?

    Toys played a very important role in everyone’s childhood, they accompanied kids to experience crying and laughing in life, leaving a lot of unforgettable memories. But the precious experience have to be build on one thing, that ...

  • Why Is Squishy Cake Toy So Popular?

    Toys on market came in different designs and uses. Due to various colours, sizes, materials, some toys were as gifts for business purposes, large of them were educational tools help to improve kids’ cognitive ability, a few speci...

  • Four Suitable Toys for Babies in Different Ages

    1. Small squishy animal toys with bright colors and different shapes greatly draw babies' attentions. When they are playing toys, the baby's hand muscles can get a good workout. Babies more than 3 years old are the right...

  • Are Squishy Foam Toys the

    Toys profoundly affect the development of the various stages of babies, other than choosing the proper toys(such as squishy foam toys , plush toys, wooden block toys) in accordance with the different ages, the parents also sho...