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  • How to Make or Buy Safe Toys?

    Toys played a very important role in everyone’s childhood, they accompanied kids to experience crying and laughing in life, leaving a lot of unforgettable memories. But the precious experience have to be build on one thing, that ...

  • Why Is Squishy Cake Toy So Popular?

    Toys on market came in different designs and uses. Due to various colours, sizes, materials, some toys were as gifts for business purposes, large of them were educational tools help to improve kids’ cognitive ability, a few speci...

  • Four Suitable Toys for Babies in Different Ages

    1. Small squishy animal toys with bright colors and different shapes greatly draw babies' attentions. When they are playing toys, the baby's hand muscles can get a good workout. Babies more than 3 years old are the right...

  • Are Squishy Foam Toys the

    Toys profoundly affect the development of the various stages of babies, other than choosing the proper toys(such as squishy foam toys , plush toys, wooden block toys) in accordance with the different ages, the parents also sho...

  • PU Toys Can Help Kids Develop Language Skills

    When your kids are in the stage of learning speaking and language, the imaginative play will be very important for this age group. For example, most kids in this stage like the pretend play, some suitable educational toys like s...

  • PU Foam Stress Cakes​ Are Harmless Toys

    Toys can replace parents' attentions to the kids and temporary free parents out to do other housework or deal with business. On the other words, parents will also feel peaceful and relaxed when baby is interested in playing h...

  • Selecting Squishy Toys​ for Kids in Different Ages

    A variety of toys in the market nowadays are made to cater to educational purposes, so that the kid learns while joyfully playing. Different type of squishy toys are designed to fit different ages of kids, and the manufacturers...

  • Playing PU Squishy Toys Promote Baby's Brain Development

    According to the research, babies love toys and learn a lot from simple toys. The toys help them aware of the surrounding more and more. Baby toys are of a vast types, such as cartoon animal squishy toy , plush toys, wood toys w...